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  1. On your Android Device, navigate to your apps directory and select "email".

  2. Enter your email address, password, and click next. 

  3. Select Microsoft Exchange for account type. 

  4. If prompted by a security warning, select continue. 

  5. Enter your DHS hosted Email address.
  6. Enter the domain for the exchange server, for DHS hosted webmail use "dhshosting" for the domain. 
  7. Enter your email account password
  8. Enter the URL for the Exchange Server. For DHS hosted webmail use "".
  9. Ensure that the User Secure Connection (SSL) tick box is checked.
  10. Click next to complete.

  11. If prompted with an activation message, select ok

  12. Change the 'Period to sync email' setting in section 1 to "all"
  13. Change the 'sync schedule' setting in section 2 to "push"
  14. Change the 'peak schedule' setting in section 3 to "push"
  15. Change the 'emails retrieval size' setting in section 4 to "50KB"
  16. Change the 'period to sync calendar' setting in section 5 to "All calendar"
  17. Make sure all tick boxes, marked 6 through 10, are checked. 
  18. Ensure that tick boxes 11 and 12 are unchecked. 
  19. Select next.

  20. Select Done to complete your DHS hosted email setup for Android.

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  1. Looks good.

    One thing I noticed is that the "domain\username" should just be their full email address.  Not every user maps to dhshosting\name which is the case when we have multiple offices where people have the same first name.  Using the full email address is the most reliable way to authenticate.

    Also, I usually tell people to uncheck all the sync options except email and calendar (if they want it).  Syncing contacts usually just results in a bunch of work related contacts they don't want anyway with only email addresses attached to them polluting the contact list.  Few use tasks so that is discretionary like the calendar.

  2. Unknown User (garrett)

    Thanks Drew. I appreciate you taking a look. I was talking to John about making an alternate for the domain issue. He and I went over the sync options before posting and that's what he decided upon.