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These basic functions will give you what you need to get started with Confluence

Use the search function to quickly find any page on your Confluence site

Basic Confluence Menu

The basic Confluence menu button, will give you access to the most common Confluence tasks and is appropriate for most users

  • Full Width: Your Confluence site is set to display full width permanently so this setting has no affect.
  • Block Edit: Turns on the block edit page function to allow you to edit any page by clicking the Pencil icon on the upper right hand corner of page block.
  • Share: Share the page with a Confluence member.
  • Watch: Allows you to receive notifications when a page is edited or modified.
  • Create: Create a new confluence page
  • My Profile: Update your photo, check task status, view watched pages, view saved page drafts, and more.
  • Recently Viewed: Shows a list of recently viewed pages
  • My Favorites: Shows pages you have marked as favorites ("Save for later" button under advanced menu).
  • Advanced Menu: Access the Confluence advanced menu.

Advanced Confluence Menu

  • Notifications Button: Shows notifications of page comments, edits, tasks, and other actions you are watching or subscribed to.
  • Attachments: Shows all files attached to page and allows adding multiple files to a page at once, making it easier to later add a file to the page by clicking "+" and the "Files and Images" option from page edit menu.
  • Restrictions: Allows for restricting viewing and editing of a page and sub pages.
  • View in Hierarchy: Allows drag and drop re-arranging of pages and sections.
  • Delete: Allows deletion of a page.

Page Editing Shortcuts

  • Entering Current Date: Type " // " to bring up calendar object and either select a date or press return to enter the current date. 
  • Insert Hyperlink: Type "Control + K"
  • Edit Page: Type "E"
  • Undo Action: "Control+Z"
  • Redo Action: "Control+Y"
  • Save Page: Type "Control + S"
  • Share Page: Type "S"
  • Adding a Page Macro: Type " { " anywhere on a page to open macro dialog, type first few letters of macro name, and then click to select the macro.
  • Inserting Page Mention: To mention any member on a page (they will be notified once page is saved), type "@" , type the first few letters of their first name, and then select them.

Basic & Advanced Views

Basic View:

  • Default view for browsing and navigating.
  • Best browsing experience with most screen real estate.
  • Toggle between basic and advanced views by typing "Z" key.

Advanced View:

  • Poor browsing experience.
  • Used only for editing and accessing advanced features.
  • Toggle between basic and advanced views by typing "Z" key.

Changing Page Hierarchy

At times you may want to change the order of pages on a space or promote a page to another brance of the tree. You can so using the "View in Hierarchy" feature.

  1. Press "Z" key to enter advanced menu.
  2. Select "View in Hierarchy" menu item.
  3. Arrange pages as you desire by dragging and dropping to desired locations. You can also select the A/Z option on any section to sort pages.
  4. Click any page to exit "View in Hierarchy" module and return to space you were previously in.

Advanced Documentation

For full Confluence documentation site, click here

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