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Welcome to the DHS Client Resources Website!

The purpose of this site is to provide simple and easy to understand documentation on the technology solutions we provide to our valued clients.

To navigate this documentation, refer to the "Contents" column on the left and click the arrow to expand any desired topic or subtopic. One you fine a desired article, simply click on the page to open it. You can also use the "Search" box on upper left to search all topics and pages. To navigate "Home" at any time, click the "Digicom" logo on the upper left.

On this site, you will find:

  • Support policies and procedures

  • How to contact us when you need help

  • How to guides on technology solutions we provide

  • Security tips to keep your systems safe and compliant

  • Computing tips and tricks
  • DHS newsletter archives

DHS Cloud Service Links:

  • DHS SecureMail Portal | Access your email from a web browser anywhere in the world.
  • DHS Anti-Spam Portal | Check your email quarantine for legitimate messages you would like delivered.
  • DHS Email Encryption Portal | Access encrypted email messages sent from other offices that use SecureMail and check message replies.
  • DHS SecureFax | Check office fax inbox and send faxes from your computer desktop.
  • DHS SecureShare | Securely send and receive large files.
  • DHS SecureForms | Create and send electronic medical or business forms to patients.

    For instructions on how to use DHS Cloud services, expand the "Technology How-To Guides" section in the left hand column of this page.

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