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DHS SecurePass, powered by Roboform, is a password and identity manager. Roboform securely stores your passwords and identity information so you can log into websites and fill forms and logins out quickly and securely. Please use the guide below to configure and use SecurePass.

I. Configuring an Identity

Follow the steps in this section if you wish to quickly fill online web forms with your business information rather than manually filling forms repeatedly. 

  1. Start Identify Wizard: Right click on the Roboform icon in your system tray select "Identities", and select "New".
  2. Name Identity: In "Name" field, enter "Business" and click "OK".
  3. Enter Personal Info: Select "Person" menu item and "Name", "Phone", and "Email".

  4. Enter Business Info: Select "Business" menu and complete "Company Name".
  5. Enter Address: Select "Address" menu and complete "Address Line 1", "Address Line 2" (if applicable)
  6. Save Identity: Click "Save" button to save identity.

II. Creating & Memorizing Website Login Credentials 

  1. Navigate to Desired Website: Navigate to desired website you would like to create account or save credentials for and start the account creation or login process.
  2. Complete Website Form:
    1. Complete Form Fields: Complete form information fields including username and other required information. If you have a RoboForm Identity configured, you can click on the green RoboForm icon next to the field you would like filled to automatically fill the field.
    2. Complete Password Fields: To save your password click the green RoboForm icon next to the password field, click "Generate" to create a fresh password, and click "Fill" to fill password form field.
    3. Complete form & Submit: Complete your form and submit using the appropriate button on the website. 
    4. Name Passcard & Select Group to Save Credentials to: Once you submit the web form, you will be prompted to save credentials in RoboForm. To being, give your passcard an appropriate name and select appropriate group you would like to save your credentials to. Choose from the following groups:
      1. HOME: Credentials are private and only available to user.
      2. STAFF: Credentials are shared with the all staff in your organization so they can access the same online resource.
      3. MANAGEMENT: Credentials are shared with the management team in your organization. Note that you will see this option only if you are a member of the "Management" group.
    5. Click "Save" Button: Once you have named your passcard and selected an appropriate group, click "Save" button the save login credentials.

III. Logging into Websites

After creating and saving website credentials as described above, we highly recommend immediately logging out of the website and logging back in again to test your login credentials. If credentials were saved during account creation process, since the account creation page often differs from the login page of many websites, RoboForm may respond differently on the login page. If RoboForm does not complete both the username fields and password fields of your site on standard login page, simply enter your username and password manually. If your password is missing, click RoboForm icon in upper right hand corner of your browser, click "Generate", "Copy", and paste password into password field as RoboForm saves the last password generaged.

  1. Browse to Desired Website: Navigate to the website you wish to log into.
  2. Log in with RoboForm: Click RoboForm Icon to Log In: Click RoboForm icon on right of website login fields, click icon, and select passcard to log in to site.


  • The Office Manager or technical point of contact, should be charged with organizing passwords that should be shared with the Staff and Management groups.
  • Roboform will ask you to log in again with your master password every 30 days which is the same as your computer network password.
  • Roboform stores your passwords securely in the cloud and your can log in with your email address and password in any computer with RoboForm installed.
  • If you log into a new computer and attempt to log into Roboform, a one time password (OTP) will be emailed to your business address which must be entered one time.
  • For more information on Roboform, access the online manual.