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  1. Click "New Payment Method": Click Scroll down to middle of portal dashboard and click "New Payment Method" button.
  2. Select Credit Card Payment Method: Select "Credit Card" payment method option and click "Next" button on lower right hand corner.
  3. Create Credit Card Payment Method: For Credit Card payment method, enter information as follows.

    1. Friendly Name: "Credit Card" (without quotes)
    2. First Name: Card holder first name
    3. Last Name: Card holder last name
    4. Credit Card Number: Enter your credit card number
    5. Month Expiration: 2-digit card month expiration
    6. Year Expiration: 4-digit card year expiration
    7. Click "Next": Click "Next" button
    8. Address: Card holder billing address
    9. Address Line 2: Secondary address information such as floor or suite number
    10. City: Billing address city
    11. State/Province: Billing address state
    12. Postal Code: Billing address postal code
    13. Phone Number: Card holder phone number associated with account
    14. Email Address: Card holder email address associated with account
    15. Click "Next": Click "Next" button
    16. Authorize Payment Method & Submit: Click to select "I authorize the use of this payment method to settle transactions in this portal" option, and click Submit".