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  1. Browse to Anti-Spam Portal: Click the Quarantine Management link on the bottom of any DHS Anti-Spam Digest email or browse to
  2. Log in using your email address and email password (usually the same as your computer password).
  3. Review Messages: Examine the messages in your portal account and note any messages that are NOT spam. You can click to open and view any message for more detail if desired. Each message in the portal lists the date the message was sent, the message subject line, the message sender, and a spam score (the system gives messages a higher score that are more likely to be spam).
  4. Select Messages: Check box to left of any message to select messages to apply one of the actions below to.
  5. Select an Action: For each message, select one of the following actions:
    1. Release: Clicking "Release" will release the message from your spam quarantine and deliver it to your inbox within a few minutes.
    2. Allow: Clicking "Allow" will have the message delivered to your inbox and prevent future emails from the sender from being quarantined
    3. Block: Clicking "Block" will add the sender address to your personal blocklist.
    4. Delete: Clicking "Delete" will have the message permanently removed from your quarantine report.
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      ADVANCED USERS: To block or allow a sender or domain at any time, click "Filter Rules" tab to create desired allow or block email delivery rules.

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