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Receiving an encrypted email message


Many messages sent encrypted are delivered directedly to recipient whenever end-to-end TLS encryption can be established. In this case, recipients will not receive a portal invitation as described below but will receive the message directedly in their inbox with the following footer at the end of the message:

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  1. Message recipient receives an email message indicating they have an encrypted message from you (your name or office name will be shown) waiting to be read. They will then click the email link to browse to the DHS Email Encryption Portal.
  2. Recipient will be asked to select a password to sign up for secure message service and once entered, they click the "Sign up" button. Once recipient signs up, they will use the same password to access the secure messaging portal when you send an encrypted message again.
  3. Recipient will then be able to view messages as well as download any attachments such as x-ray images. They can also send a secure message back to you if required.