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So we can deliver the highest level of support to you and your organization, please assist us with the following items.

Be aware of appropriate locations to save documents

If you use a shared computer user account, files, documents, and images must be saved to your "Documents" folder, "Pictures" folder or a network drive such as your company "Shared Drive" so they are backed up. Please be aware that shared computer desktops are NOT BACKED UP and if your computer were to fail, anything on your desktop MAY BE LOST. As a result, only save files to your shared desktop that are non-important and the loss of which would not impact your organization.

Notify us before selecting technology solutions

Please consult with us first when considering changes to your technology and before making any decisions that will, in any way, involve your computer systems and/or electronic health records system. HIPAA standards requires that DHS document all changes to your systems and technology. In addition, when we are involved in the selection process, we can make sure appropriate and effective solutions are selected to best meet the desired goal. It is critical that we evaluate solutions prior to implementation to ensure they are compatible with existing systems. Also note that all computer, software, and other IT components must be supplied by DHS during our support relationship. Product procurement is included with your support agreement and all products are supplied at direct cost.

Notify us before setting technology vendor appointments

Before making appointments of any kind with technology vendors, please submit a support request to our help desk. We will create an action plan and coordinate a time that is convenient for your office, the technology vendor, and DHS to ensure effective collaboration for a successful implementation.