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  1. Browse to Desired Website: Navigate to the website you wish to log into.
  2. Log in with RoboForm: Click RoboForm Icon to Log In: Click RoboForm icon on right of website login fields, click icon, and select passcard to log in to site.


  • The Office Manager or technical point of contact, should be charged with organizing passwords that should be shared with the Staff and Management groups.
  • Roboform will ask you to log in again with your master password every 30 days which is the same as your computer network password.
  • Roboform stores your passwords securely in the cloud and your can log in with your email address and password in any computer with RoboForm installed.
  • If you log into a new computer and attempt to log into Roboform, a one time password (OTP) will be emailed to your business address which must be entered one time.
  • For more information on Roboform, access the online manual.