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Creating a New Page or Editing Existing Page

To create a page, click basic menu button and select "Create" or to edit a page, simply press "E" on your keyboard to enter page editing mode.


Giving your Page a Title

Give your page a title, reflecting the content you intend to add.

Using Editing Functions

Use the basic editing functions below to modify or edit the page. For more detail on page editing, click here.

Add a Table of Contents to Make your Page Easy to Navigate

The "Table of Contents" macro will allow viewers to navigate to any page heading with a single click. To add a table of contents, navigate to and place your cursor at the top of your page, click " + " button on page editor bar, select "Table of Contents", click "Insert" and drag the table of contents element so it is positions directedly below the page title or below page description as desired.

Use Attachments Macro to Organize Multiple Files

To neatly store multiple PDF, Word, Excel, Images or other files on your page, navigate to and place your cursor at the bottom of your page, click " + " button on page editor bar, select "Other Macros", search and select "Attachments", click "Insert" and drag the attachments element to your desired position. Now your team can attach and store multiple versions of files simply by dragging and dropping them on to attachments element. Files can be viewed simply by clicking on them to open.

Saving your Page

Once you are done editing your page, click "Publish" if new page or "Update" if existing page to save.

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