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Turing on page or space "Watches" will allow you to receive email updates whenever a Confluence page or space you are watching is updated. It is suggested for best user experience however, that all users turn off the "Autowatch" feature which automatically adds you as a watcher after you edit any confluence page. This way, you will have better control over your page watch settings.

Turn Off Autowatch Feature

  1. Click Confluence menu and select "My Profile".
  2. Select "Settings", "Email" and "Edit".
  3. De-select "Autowatch" and click "Submit".

Manage Existing Page Watches

Existing page watches can also be managed by selecting the "Watches" menu item in user profile settings and any undesirable page watches can be turned off here. 

Watch a Page

To watch any page, cick Confluence menu button, select "Watch", and choose the desired watch option.

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