Phone Handset Functions

View the video below for a general overview of the Intermedia phone system.

Record Personal Voicemail Greeting & Set PIN

Record Greeting:

  1. Press voicemail button (scroll icon) on your phone, press "Connect" soft key.
  2. Enter temporary PIN number (1234) followed by "#"
  3. Press "3" for personal options.
  4. Follow prompts to record your voicemail greeting.

Set Permanent PIN:

  1. After recoding voicemail, press "3" to return to personal options menu.
  2. Press "2" to change your PIN.
  3. Follow prompts to reset your PIN number.

    Resetting your PIN is REQUIRED to help ensure security, patient privacy, and HIPAA compliance. 

Check Personal Voicemail Messages

From Computer: Click to open any voicemail recording attachment delivered to your personal email inbox.

From Smartphone App: Open "Intermedia Unite" app on your smartphone (install and log in with your office email address and password if you have not already done so), tab "Voicemail" button, and tap to listen to messages.

From Office Phone: Press voicemail button (scroll icon) on your office phone, press "Connect" soft key, enter your PIN number when prompted, and follow instructions to navigate your messages.

From Outside Office: Dial your direct phone number, press "#" when you hear your greeting, enter your extension number followed by "#", and enter your PIN number followed by "#".

Check Team Queue Voicemail Messages

From Computer: Click to open any voicemail recording attachment delivered to your "Voicemail" public email folder.

From Outside Office: Log into your DHS SecureMail account, follow instructions to pin your voicemail public folder, and click to listen to your messages.


Internally: To call a staff member inside of the office, simply dial their 3-digit extension or click to dial from Intermedia Unite desktop application. 

Externally: You must dial all 10 digits of USA phone numbers

Unite Desktop App Functions

Start A New Call

Options During An Active Call

Call History


Chat Feature Overview

Group Chats

Start A Meeting With Chat Members

Contacts And Favorites

Presence Status

Unite Mobile App Functions

Start A New Call

Options During An Active Call

Checking New Voicemails

Enable Silent Mode